I UK [nest] / US noun [countable]
Word forms "nest":
singular nest plural nests
1) a structure that birds make to keep their eggs and babies in
build a nest:

Ducks usually build their nests on the ground.

a) a place that insects or small animals such as mice make to live in

an ants' nest

b) used for referring to a place that is warm, safe, and comfortable

She made herself a little nest out of blankets.

2) a set of similar things of different sizes that fit inside each other
nest of:

a nest of tables

3) a place or situation that is full of bad people or activities
nest of:

Officials uncovered a nest of abuse and exploitation.

a nest of criminals/spies

leave/fly the nest — to move away from your parents' home because you are an adult

All their children have flown the nest.

II UK [nest] / US verb
Word forms "nest":
present tense I/you/we/they nest he/she/it nests present participle nesting past tense nested past participle nested
1) [intransitive] if a bird nests, it builds or uses a nest, especially to keep its eggs and babies in

Do not disturb nesting birds or other wildlife.

a) [transitive] to organize information so that one part is contained inside another

Supplementary units can be nested within a core unit.

b) computing to put information inside a computer program that contains other information of the same type

nested Word documents

English dictionary. 2014.

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